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Some people live an entire lifetime and are left wonder if they made a difference in this world. A Veteran does not have that problem.

The history of the United States military spans four centuries, evolved from a new nation fighting for independence, through the monumental American Civil War, to defending today’s modern world. Through these many years, thousands of military service members have devoted themselves to protecting freedom, maintaining peace, providing relief and supporting policy around the globe.[1]


Service members experiences impact their entire lives – as active military to honored veteran. And it is in this evolution for all past, present, and future service members that they should find support and empowerment.


Our Mission

To provide a comfortable location for all veterans, both men and women of any age, to meet, socialize and connect with one another while providing and discussing information regarding veterans benefits and service through federal and state agencies and programs.

Our Vision

To connect, support, and empower the ‘active military – to – veteran’ evolution for all past, present, and future veterans. The Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse achieve this vision by investing in the development of sustainable programs and fostering partnerships that address veteran challenges in employment, education, health, housing/homelessness, legal, and benefits.

The suicide rate for Veterans is

1.5 times higher

than for non-Veteran adults.

If you are a Veteran in crisis — or you’re concerned about one — free, confidential support is available 24/7. Call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, send a text message to 838255, or chat online.

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